About Us

Liz’s unique skill set combines her years of experience in facilitation, storytelling, therapy and education. Through her work with children, young people and families, Liz has developed a model of working which supports the individual, nurtures the family and encourages thoughtful communication, creativity and wellbeing.

Bedtime Box is both a product and an ideology that invites you to create a sensory experience for your family. A way to reflect on your day and prepare for restful sleep.

Bedtime Box celebrates the importance of:

  • Creating and holding a safe and beautiful space
  • Having time to make connections and share stories
  • Validating emotions and feelings
  • Being gentle, thoughtful and kind
  • Creating family rituals and treasuring memories

Bedtime Box is a brand new product that has been created to bring thoughtfulness, creativity and storytelling techniques aimed at families with children aged 2 to 10 years.

Bedtime Box can be used to compliment your existing bedtime rituals, to encourage a new approach to bedtimes and to help support your family at times of change and transition.

Bedtime Box invites you to create a unique and positive bedtime experience.

Liz is also a member of the British Sleep Society

As a Registered Dramatherapist, Liz is a member of the Health & Care Professions Council

Meet the Bedtime Box Team

Liz Raba

Liz Raba


I trained at the Birmingham Theatre School, before going on to university, where I gained a degree in Theatre, a Masters in Theatre Directing, before training as a Dramatherapist. I travelled to Europe, the United States, Africa and Japan working with theatre companies, researching different cultures and experiencing life in different communities.

I have worked for the last 15 years with groups and individuals, from young children in play settings, to elderly patients in day care centres, using imagination and creativity to develop projects that are as significant and unique as the people involved in them

Joley Roberts

Joley Roberts

Product Development

Joley's initial love of performing transformed at University, where the course gave her hands on insight into the production process. Having always loved visual arts Joley got to use her creative skills making costumes, props and set, whilst continuing to study theatre and dance. After gaining a first class degree in Theatre and Professional Practice Joley worked as the Arts Education Officer at The Old Town Hall Theatre, devising and leading projects with all abilities from nursery age to the elderly.

A passion for integrated projects and working with groups with disabilities, fuelled Joley's interest in communication and she is currently studying level two British Sign Language.

Rebecca West-Beale

Rebecca West-Beale


I have painted and drawn since childhood. It's what I love to do. I like to focus on colour and capturing light, and nature has always been an inspiration to me. I paint on canvas, wood and stone and I love drawing with charcoal. I have taught in adult education and privately run courses and retreats and taken on commissions for murals, paintings and all sorts of Art Works. You can find me at Artfromthewood https://www.facebook.com/artfromthewood/ and Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/artfromthewood?ref=search_shop_redirect